What is DRIVE + FLY?

For more than five years, Drive + Fly has been the only exclusive publication distributed in rental cars at McCarran International Airport. With a detailed map of Las Vegas Blvd and Downtown, Drive + Fly has been a trusted navigational tool for rental car customers. It also includes hotel listings and information on attractions, dining hot spots, concerts, shopping and entertainment, as well as McCarran International Airport and rental car information.

Drive + Fly has a sophisticated and well-educated niche audience:

■ Visitors that fly to Las Vegas and rent cars have 33% more disposable income to spend on:

1. Dining

2. Shopping

3. Entertainment

■ These visitors are 21 or older and possess at least one major credit card (required to rent a car)

■ Drive + Fly is the most trusted and useful navigational tool for those who rent cars

■ More than 200,000 audited, bi-monthly complimentary issues are hand-placed in rental cars


The Drive + Fly platform engages consumers with your brand and provides an advanced customer experience. Visitors and locals can interact with brands and receive instant gratification — digital special offers and coupons through the interactive media utilized on the platform. Drive + Fly also collects valuable customer data that builds a powerful database for brands to remarket to at the local, national and international level.

Drive + Fly has “revolutionized” the way consumers view and interact with print, allowing consumers to interact with brands that are of interest to them. In addition, it is the only print medium that can share analytics with customers, so they know exactly how many other customers have seen and engaged with your brand(s).

Stay tuned for the future of print.

Drive + Fly will also be implementing Augmented Reality into our print products. Through its innovative technology and state-of-the-art publishing, your ads will come to life on consumer mobile devices and enable the end user to virtually interact with your brand through live offers, video and embedded audio on every page.



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