Through the Social Butterfly World Network, this niche opportunity provides reach and interaction with millions of consumers through our custom tailored programs.

■ Visibility and Impact: The recall rate of mobile advertising is 97%*

– 91% of target audiences notice both text

and graphics*

– Individual vehicle advertising generates

30,000 – 70,000 daily vehicle impressions*

■ Cost Efficiency: Compare mobile wrap advertising costs to other advertising mediums. This is one of the lowest CPM in the market!

■ Flexibility: Your full or partial messages can be changed easily and quickly at minimal costs

■ Product Placement Available

■ Space Available Inside Buses

■ Calls to Action: SMS technology that provides coupons and offers instantly

■ 3D Wraps Available

■ Illuminated Wraps Available



■ Wrap 10, 15, 20, 30 buses at once

■ Run numerous campaigns simultaneously with your fleet of wrapped vehicles

■ Great Brand Publicity

■ Connects consumer with your brand

■ 1 year to 2 year contracts available

■ Pricing varies depending on quantity, creative, production and installation/removal fees



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