Enhance your marketing mix with TxtWire, the text messaging platform, where you can send information via text to 1 person or over 100,000, with the click of a button. Simple and effective, you can easily communicate with consumers, increase your brand interaction and grow customer loyalty.

■ 97% of all text messages are opened

■ 91% of US citizens have cell phones

■ 83% of all text messages are read in the first hour of receipt

■ Ability to reach ALL mobile subscribers around the world, no matter what kind of phone they own

■ Only 37% of America’s 234 million mobile subscribers have a Smart Phone*

■ Only 6% of America’s 234 million mobile subscribers engage in QR Codes

■ Create an opportunity to interact with your customers through special offers and digital coupons

■ Provide an advanced customer experience

■ Evaluate campaign effectiveness through accurate response rates

■ Get instant response at points of interest

■ Collect valuable data and create databases to remarket to local, national and international consumers




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